Taos Pueblo Emergency Management




 March 30, 2020

The tribe has activated the Taos Pueblo Emergency Management Team to  implement Taos Pueblos emergency management plan for this emergency health crisis. The team operates under a National Emergency Management  Structure, (NIMS) which allows for the better coordination of emergency activity. Among those is keeping our community prepared through communication plans. To this extent the Taos Pueblo emergency communications team is monitoring a collection of tribal, county, state and federal information to bring you the most relevant and up to date news. All national, state and tribal entities are working together to share this information, so updates coming from the Emergency Management Team are representative of all agencies. Our goal is promote a safer, less vulnerable community with the ability to cope with this emergency and lessen the risk to our people.


  1. Protecting the health of Taos Pueblo Community Members 
  2.  Providing critical services for elder and youth Taos Pueblo Community Members
  3. Continuous communications and education for Tribal Members
  4. Long term sustainability of the Tribe
  5. Support wellness and continuity of the ICS Team  
  6.     Awareness of potential threats and preparedness

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Taos Pueblo – Situational Report

February 22nd 2022

Taos Pueblo – Situational Report

February11th 2022

Taos Pueblo – Situational Report

February 9th 2022

Taos Pueblo – Situational Report

January 28th 2022

Taos Pueblo Governors Office

January 28th 2022

Public Service Announcement

January 27th 2022

Taos Pueblo Utilities PSA
“Greetings All,
In response to increasing cases of COVID-19 and limited staff, until further notice, the
Taos Pueblo Utility Service Collections Office
hours of operation will be:
OPEN – Monday through Wednesday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
*Closed 12-1pm for lunch
OPEN – Friday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
*NOW OPEN during the lunch hour on Fridays
CLOSED – Thursdays & Weekends
Please help spread the word, thank you for your continued patience and cooperation
Tah Ah,
The Taos Pueblo Utility Service Staff”

Situational Report Taos Pueblo

January 21st 2022

Public Service Announcement

January 14th 2022

Public Service Announcement

January 12th 2022

Information on current statistics:
  • Nationally, cases were up 42% in the last week, 77% in New Mexico, and 67% in Taos County.
  • The 7-day average daily case count in New Mexico increased to 2,983 cases per day from 1,688 last week.  The highest of the pandemic to date.
  • Current hospitalizations in NM increased 9%, the 7-day average is 517.  The record stands at 932 on Dec 7 2020.
  • Average deaths per day in NM increased sharply to 22 per day from 13 per day the prior week.
  • There were a record 235 new cases in Taos County last week, up from 141 the prior week bringing the total to 3,610.
  • There were two additional deaths reported among Taos County residents last week. Bringing the total to 75.
  • Testing in Taos County increased to a 7-day average of 187 tests per day, up from 135 last week.
  • Taos County’s crude positivity rate is 16.9% (14-day avg). The crude daily case count is 27 cases per day (14-day avg), above the old gating target of 3.28.   Taos County’s adult fully vaccinated rate is 88%.

Public Service Announcement

January 7th 2022

Situational Report – 12-13-21

Nov 19th 2021

Contact Poster – COVID19

Situational Report – Taos Pueblo

Nov 19th 2021

Contact Poster – COVID19

Public Service Announcement

Nov 19th 2021

Update! Application for “Assistance to Households”

Taos Pueblo suffered a significant internet outage between noon Wednesday, Nov 10th and noon Friday, Nov 12th. If you submitted an ARPA application to the arparelief email during that time and have NOT received a confirmation response, please resubmit your application. If you have received a confirmation that your application was received, you do not have to take any action. We appreciate your patience as we work through these technological challenges. 

Nov 19th 2021

Application for “Assistance to Households”

November 8th 2021 

For any questions please contact: arparelief@taospueblo.com

Taos Pueblo Tribal Government

November 5th 2021 3:45pm

Taos Pueblo Tribal Government

November 5th 2021 9am

Taos Pueblo Tribal Government PSA

Get Vaccinated

Memorial Weekend 

Vaccination Event For Youth 12-18

Covid Assistance Program

COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Pre-Testing Registration


November 23th 2020


On Friday, November 20, Taos Pueblo Tribal Government, with the recommendation and support of both the Taos Pueblo Emergency Management Team and leadership of the Tribal Programs, issued a “work from home” order for all Tribal Programs from November 23rd to November 25th. This order was issued in response to the recent spike in cases of COVID-19 in the State and in Taos County, as well as the rise in cases in other local non-tribal jurisdictions and agencies. Taos Pueblo Tribal Government and the TPEMT are continuously weighing the need to provide services to the community and the safety and wellbeing of the staff and community. This is an ongoing and constant discussion, and we appreciate the community’s understanding and patience as we navigate this complicated time.

It should be noted this current closure is not due to any specific cases among Tribal staff; it is simply a preventative measure to reduce in person contact between employees, community members, and the clients we serve. We believe that stay at home orders are essential right now to combat the spread of COVID-19. which is currently out of control. This three-day work from home order effectively gives 10 days of no in-person contact for staff and the clients we serve.

Tribal Programs will reopen, on a limited basis, on Monday, November 30, 2020. All CMS staff are currently on an “on-call” status, and are able to respond as needed to the requests of Tribal Government and the TPEMT. Department of Health and Community Services (DHCS) staff are in constant communication with the Taos Picuris Service Unit, the Albuquerque Area Southwest Tribal Epidemiology Center, and the NM Department of Health regarding cases and case monitoring, and will be responding to and supporting Tribal Members in quarantine or isolation throughout the holiday weekend.

Again, we thank you for your understanding and your support, and once again remind people to please practice COVID safe holiday measures, including:

  • Restricting gatherings to only those within your own household;
  • If you are experiencing cold or flu like symptoms, self-quarantine immediately;
  • Staying at home as much as possible; and,
  • Socially distancing when around others that do not live in our households.



COVID-19 relief effort – PSA

November 18th 2020

Due to the spike in cases of COVID-19 the relief efforts will now focus on mailing out the remaining checks to those that have not received them with the information that was provided on each individuals application.

Enrollment Office – PSA

November 18th 2020

COVID 19 Update – PSA

November 13th 2020

Governor Concha Update

(TIWA) LT Governor Mondragon Update

Public Service Announcement

November 13th 2020

To the Taos Pueblo Community

This notice is to inform you that, just like the State of New Mexico and Taos County, Taos Pueblo is being impacted by the current surge in COVID-19 cases. We are reminding the community to please rededicate themselves to the public health guidance that has been required since the outset of this virus. We must, as a community, work cooperatively to stop the spread of this virus. Our behavior does affect those around us, and we must all take responsibility for the health of the community, our family, and our friends.

As of 11/13/2020, we have 13 Tribal Members in isolation with COVID-19 (not all are on Tribal Lands-this is all Tribal Members). We have approximately 35 individuals on quarantine that we are monitoring due to the individuals being in close contact with someone with a lab confirmed positive COVID test. The virus is spreading rapidly in our State and our County, and we must stop the spread and minimize it within our Taos Pueblo community.


  • Stop having social gatherings with those that don’t live in your household.
  • Birthday parties, dinners with other families, any gatherings with people who don’t live in your home increase your risk of being in contact with someone who is sick, and are highly discouraged at this time. Group size is limited by the State and Pueblo to less than 10* (*subject to change with Tribal or State Public Health Orders)
  • People may not know that they are sick when they are contagious, so being with people who “don’t feel sick” is still not safe at this time. If they don’t live in your home, they pose a risk.
  • If you are experiencing cold or flu like symptoms, please self-quarantine right away and arrange for testing. DO NOT continue to go to work and/or visit with others, especially elderly or high-risk individuals.
  • Wear a mask any time you leave your home.
  • Stay 6’ away from any individual who does not live in your home.
  • Wash hands and/or use hand sanitizer as frequently as possible.
  • Although places like the gym and indoor dining are open, this doesn’t mean they are without risk. These places are at higher risk for getting the virus. Use your best judgment and avoid these places during times of increased cases.
  • We highly encourage you to avoid travel at this time and discourage hosting others who have traveled from elsewhere.

Also, the notification systems throughout the State are a bit overwhelmed, so please:

  • If you found out that you had been directly around someone who has recently tested positive, or;
  • If you have recently tested positive:

Please reach out to the Taos Pueblo Division of Health and Community Services at 758-7824 so we can support you during your quarantine/isolation period.


COVID-19 Relief Update

November 6th 2020

The first set of COVID support checks have been processed. You will be called when your check is available. Please answer your phones! If you have NOT received a call, your check is not ready. Checks continue to be processed, and we will call you when your support is available. Thank you!


Thanksgiving Turkey/Ham Distribution

November 6th 2020


October 28th 2020

Food Distribution October 29th at DNR Building

October 28th 2020

Voter Registration 

October 13th 2020

Pre-Testing Registration 

September 29th 2020

San Geronimo PSA 

September 29th 2020

San Geronimo PSA Update 

September 22nd 2020

Tiwa PSA LT Governor Mondragon

English PSA LT Governor Mondragon


Food Distribution Monday Sept 21st 

September 17th 2020

CENSUS 2020 EVENT at Hailcreek Travel Center

September 17th 2020

Spider Rock Road Closure

September 14th 2020

Back to school Drive up event!

September 4th 2020

Immediate Release From Michelle Lujan Grisham

September 4th 2020

Flu Shot Information

September 4th 2020

Back to School Giveaway

August 17th 2020


August 13th 2020

Pre-Testing Registration 

August 11th 2020

2020 Census Information,

Food Distribution 

August 4th, 2020

Internet Access for Taos Pueblo

July 30th 2020

4th of July UPDATES

July 2nd 2020

June 24th Feast Day UPDATE

June 22th 2020

Census 2020 Update

June 19th 2020


June 5th 2020

General Update

ICS Command – Ezra Bayles

Contact Tracing PSA

Public Health Nurse – Shannon Lujan

LT Warchief Martinez 

Stage 3 Fire Restrictions


May 22, 2020

St. Cruz Feast Day PSA

April 29th 2020

Governor Concha PSA

LT Governor Mondragon PSA

 Taos Pueblo Tribal Government

Public Service Announcements COVID-19

April 13th 2020

Governor Concha PSA

LT Governor Mondragon PSA

Warchief Lujan (Tiwa) PSA

Warchief Lujan PSA