Taos Pueblo Emergency Management




 March 30, 2020

The tribe has activated the Taos Pueblo Emergency Management Team to  implement Taos Pueblos emergency management plan for this emergency health crisis. The team operates under a National Emergency Management  Structure, (NIMS) which allows for the better coordination of emergency activity. Among those is keeping our community prepared through communication plans. To this extent the Taos Pueblo emergency communications team is monitoring a collection of tribal, county, state and federal information to bring you the most relevant and up to date news. All national, state and tribal entities are working together to share this information, so updates coming from the Emergency Management Team are representative of all agencies. Our goal is promote a safer, less vulnerable community with the ability to cope with this emergency and lessen the risk to our people.


  1. Protecting the health of Taos Pueblo Community Members 
  2.  Providing critical services for elder and youth Taos Pueblo Community Members
  3. Continuous communications and education for Tribal Members
  4. Long term sustainability of the Tribe
  5. Support wellness and continuity of the ICS Team  
  6.     Awareness of potential threats and preparedness

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PSA: COVID-19 Relief Assistance 

Continuation OCT 20th, 21st, 22nd @ Taos Pueblo Community Center

October 19th 2020

Please feel free to download/print the applications. You can also submit a scanned application to the email address:  CaresAct@taospueblo.com

Business Owners Assistance Program

Income Support Application

Business Owners Modification Program

Food Assistance Application

Voter Registration 

October 13th 2020

Pre-Testing Registration 

September 29th 2020

San Geronimo PSA 

September 29th 2020

San Geronimo PSA Update 

September 22nd 2020

Tiwa PSA LT Governor Mondragon

English PSA LT Governor Mondragon


Food Distribution Monday Sept 21st 

September 17th 2020

CENSUS 2020 EVENT at Hailcreek Travel Center

September 17th 2020

Spider Rock Road Closure

September 14th 2020

Back to school Drive up event!

September 4th 2020

Immediate Release From Michelle Lujan Grisham

September 4th 2020

Flu Shot Information

September 4th 2020

Back to School Giveaway

August 17th 2020


August 13th 2020

Pre-Testing Registration 

August 11th 2020

2020 Census Information,

Food Distribution 

August 4th, 2020

Internet Access for Taos Pueblo

July 30th 2020

4th of July UPDATES

July 2nd 2020

June 24th Feast Day UPDATE

June 22th 2020

Census 2020 Update

June 19th 2020


June 5th 2020

General Update

ICS Command – Ezra Bayles

Contact Tracing PSA

Public Health Nurse – Shannon Lujan

LT Warchief Martinez 

Stage 3 Fire Restrictions


May 22, 2020

St. Cruz Feast Day PSA

April 29th 2020

Governor Concha PSA

LT Governor Mondragon PSA

 Taos Pueblo Tribal Government

Public Service Announcements COVID-19

April 13th 2020

Governor Concha PSA

LT Governor Mondragon PSA

Warchief Lujan (Tiwa) PSA

Warchief Lujan PSA